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Know every inch of your business in seconds

Say goodbye to checking multiple dashboards

BlinkMetrics gives you all-in-one, single source of truth reporting that pulls in data from all your other tools

OH! And it's 100% automated

Your key business data hand-delivered by robots every single day.

BlinkMetrics was built by a founder who knows it's impossible to check all of your metrics every day. That's why we created a super-shiny single source of truth that saves hours for those who are just too busy to stick with the status quo.

Have one single source of truth

Plug into all your other SaaS platform one time, then sit back and let Blink do the rest to deliver automated reporting daily or even hourly.

Focus on leading indicators

Assess your business in real-time with instantaneous access to all your long-term trends and their improvements over time. Throw on those sunglasses and focus on your future.

Receive automated trend alerts

Know immediately when a business metric is out of whack (instead of discovering it days, weeks, or – gasp – months later).

Expect white-glove service

Trust our team to have your back from the easiest setup you’ve ever experienced onward with our top-rated and enthusiastic customer service team.

Logos for many popular services and platforms all flowing into making a single report

Ready-to-rock connectors

Integrate seamlessly with velvety smooth connections to the tools you already know & love.

Suggested Metrics

Choose which metrics to track or rely on our straightforward guidance about the ones that matter most for businesses like yours.

Reporting templates

Customize your own reports or pick from our template gallery so you can get up & running with as little effort as possible.

What BlinkMetrics does for your data ...

Streamlined, Clean Metrics

We throw a lasso around your unruly and fragmented data. By tracking everything in one platform, you can rest easy knowing you're on top of it all.

No Coding Required

We do ALL the work to get you up & running and won't ask for any of your developer hours, freeing you up to operate your business at peak performance.

Automated Data Collection

We completely automate data collection within a secure data warehouse, forever erasing the need to manually locate and track your business data.

Real-Time Insight & Alerts

We alert you the moment your data looks unusual or falls outside expected behavior, empowering you to assess and react to business critical activities in real time.

Have you made a change recently, but aren’t sure how it’s actually affecting your business?

BlinkMetrics delivers precise measurements in real time.

From website updates to marketing spend to employee performance, understand the impact of your choices in real time and address issues before they become issues.

Revolutionary Reporting

Don’t be basic. Move beyond manual or semi-automated spreadsheets that can break and require manual intervention. Customize reports, set unique access permissions, and finally have reports with the data you need to help move you forward.​

Enlightened accountability​

Elevate your entire team through honest and transparent employee governance. Resolve inconsistencies and gaps in your employee data and discover processes that are slowing you down and costing you money.​

Profound insights​

Sure, your current data tools provide metrics and insights; but through rigorous collection, analysis, and testing, we’ve found that blending metrics from multiple sources can provide next-level insights that individual tools just … can’t.

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