You deserve to know the truth about your business.​

Say goodbye to checking multiple dashboards.


You need a single source of truth so you’re always the first know what’s happening and – most importantly – what urgently needs your attention.

Want to learn the truth about your …

Employee Performance

  • Track performance across tools
  • See if new employees are progressing over time
  • Review established employee performance against commitments

Marketing Spend

  • Ensure marketing dollars are being spent efficiently
  • Uncover broken channels that have been hiding in the data
  • Stop wasting money on things that don’t perform

Business Health

  • Keep track of important business metrics
  • View real-time progress toward company goals
  • Finally have the insights you need without adding hours to your workday

BlinkMetrics is not your typical enterprise-y solution

Stay informed

Focus on leading indicators

Our weekly scorecard report helps you keep an eye on the patterns across your business. Gain insights into your data and make smarter decisions.

Quick setup

Accurate and automatic data points

Automation without any coding on your part – we do all of that for you. You don’t have to learn anything new or hire developers. We even include quick-start templates to minimize your effort.

All-in-one dashboard

Leave the scatter to the past

Reliable data is automatically compiled into one place. Track all your key business metrics over time, even the ones your tools’ built-in reporting can’t provide.

Unite Your Data —
Connect with 100+ of the most popular platforms

Stop bouncing around platforms to find the information you need. Instead, let BlinkMetrics proactively build a hub for your online business.

Our platform can connect with over 100 of the most popular business platforms to bring data into one place so that you can keep an eye on it.

Got questions? That's understandable.

You might be wondering...

Does this integrate with all my existing tools?

We currently offer 100+ integrations with the most popular business tools out there, and are adding more every month.

Chances are good that we already integrate with your tools, but if you need something we don’t have, our team can build it.

Do I have time for this?

This is not another complicated enterprise software with outdated interfaces and clunky user experiences.

Our team will help you every step of the way. We’ll meet with you for 30 minutes to kick things off, and we’ll do the rest.

This sounds like it's going to be expensive. Can I afford this?

We’re building BlinkMetrics with the goal of being the affordable alternative to enterprise solutions.

The majority of our customers have fewer than 50 employees, many fewer than 10 employees, and even some data-driven solopreneurs.

We have transparent pricing and zero lock-in.

We don't just talk the talk

We run all our own businesses on BlinkMetrics

I’ve built several businesses the hard way, with little or no data. I have good instincts and believe in building strong opinionated products. Combining that intuition with readily-available data is a game-changer, and I’ll never go back.

We’re building BlinkMetrics to bring good data and business intelligence within reach for small online businesses. I’d love to help you with your small business. Please get in touch and I’ll be personally involved in helping you get there.

Nathan Tyler

CEO & Co-Founder of BlinkMetrics + NSquared


I’ll personally help you get started!


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