Become a BlinkMetrics Affiliate Partner

The BlinkMetrics Affiliate Partner Program allows you to earn commissions when you promote our product to your audience. Our affiliate partners include fractional CXOs, business consultants, agencies, and EOS Implementers.
Help your audience harness the power of data and make wiser, data-driven decisions today. Receive a 10% recurring commission for every customer you introduce that signs up to become a paying customer. You will own a percentage of each subscription payment for the duration of their relationship with BlinkMetrics.

Top Ways to Earn Recurring Monthly Income as a BlinkMetrics Partner

Add BlinkMetrics to your toolkit

If you're discussing software with your clients, especially KPI tracking and business reporting, simply add BlinkMetrics to your list of recommended software.

Utilize your existing content

Mention BlinkMetrics to your audience on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, in your newsletters, or within your high-performing content pieces.

Link to your unique demo calendar

To ensure each partner is credited with the business they bring, we create unique demo calendar links so your network can easily schedule time with us.

Why BlinkMetrics?

Integrates with popular software, including sales, marketing, finance, HR, and customer success tools

Secure data history, including all tracked metrics that other platforms don’t save

Automated alerts when something unexpected happens

Experienced and enthusiastic customer support team

Individual, private data warehouse with direct query access

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