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Steps to Get Started


Book a time with Nathan to plan your dashboard

Schedule a time below to meet with our co-founder, Nathan. In the meantime, create a quick list of the tools & platforms you use in your business.


Authorize your data sources and start tracking

During your meeting, Nathan will take some time to learn more about your business and data problems. Afterward, we’ll work through planning out your new scorecard.


Begin monitoring metrics and keep a pulse on your business

After the meeting, we’ll continue working on any finishing touches. In the end, you’ll have a new dashboard that serves as a source of truth for your business.

Early Access Pricing Available

We’re building BlinkMetrics with the goal of being the affordable alternative to enterprise solutions. Each of our customers receives:

Great Usability & Design

This is not your old-fashioned business intelligence tool. Easy and intuitive interfaces and quick setup process.

Custom Metrics

Get precisely the data you need; we can help you choose leading indicators that make sense for your business.

Grows with you

Connect to what you need. BlinkMetrics offers connectors to hundreds of popular business tools and platforms.

Fast & reliable support

Never feel stuck or overwhelmed. Help is but an email away.

No-code, No-hassle

Built for the technical at-heart but does not require coding whatsoever.

Connect with 100+ of the most popular platforms

Stop bouncing around platforms to find the information you need. Instead, let BlinkMetrics proactively build a hub for your online business.

Our platform can connect with over 100 of the most popular business platforms to bring data into one place so that you can keep an eye on it.

We don't just talk the talk

We run all our own businesses on BlinkMetrics

I’ve built several businesses the hard way, with little or no data. I have good instincts and believe in building strong opinionated products. Combining that intuition with readily-available data is a game-changer, and I’ll never go back.

We’re building BlinkMetrics to bring good data and business intelligence within reach for small online businesses. I’d love to help you with your small business. Please get in touch and I’ll be personally involved in helping you get there.

Nathan Tyler

CEO & Co-Founder of BlinkMetrics + NSquared